well, you can call me milo! (he/they)

i'm an artist from the Chicago-land area, unearthed in 1997. i adore bizarre abstract media and cute stuff. i'd like to make my work weirder, but trying to think of art in an abstract way is new to me. gonna keep trying, though!

besides art, i also enjoy cool looking rocks, stationary, and playing video games. my favorite kinds are single player stories! i'm not really competitive, but i wouldn't mind playing a multiplayer game if it's all just for funsos.

some day, i hope to move to Scotland to be with my lovely girlfriend. :} we've been together since 2016 and i love her to bits <3

for no real reason, i hope to drink as many different monster energy flavors as i can. i don't even like monster energy that much, i just like the goofy bro-gamer aesthetic it has.

Best Monster Energy Flavors i've Tried

  • The Doctor
  • Zero Ultra White
  • Ultra Fiesta Mango Flavor
  • Ultra Rosa

Okayest Monster Energy Flavors I've Tried

  • Ultra Sunrise
  • Ultra Watermelon (i would never purchase it myself)
  • Ultra Red

Worst Monster egergy flavors I've Tried

  • Ultra Paradise
  • Ultra Peachy Keen (literally just a fizzy peach. you might like it if you're a peachy person)
  • Ultra Violet (make my tummy hurt)
  • Lo-Carb (tastes like batteries. good if you want to make yourself feel worse)