welcome, friends!

the basic layout for this page was made with the sadgrl.online layout generator. i'm not very good with html yet, so i'm slowly learning it by editing this prebuilt page!

here you can find art made by me, as well as occasional ramblings that are rolling around in my mind

i think for the last link on my navbar, i'm going to make it a list of different monster energies i've tried. just for fun, really.

heres a little to-do list for what i hope to add to this site as i learn more about html!

  • add images to the home page! maybe make a lil mascot?
  • figure out css so editing pages is easier??
  • maybe add in lil stamps that i see on other peoples websites. they're super cute and remind me of old DeviantArt days
  • maybe move the monster energy list to its own page, like i mentioned above
  • slow goal: add more text. that'll naturally come over time though as i think of things and work